Friday, September 23, 2011

Why do I keep peeing on myself?

Welcome Maddox Grey Whited!!!!

3:20am, Monday, June 13th, 2011: I had to pee, what was new. Pee'd, went back to bed. Got settled and had to pee again! Am i peeing on myself? Geeze, the joys of 39 weeks pregnant. Got back out of bed and pee'd again. Went back to bed and pee'd on my self yet again, and again, and again. WAIT! Did my water break? Na! Jovina said hers was LOTS and this was just a trickle. Back to bed. Brandon got up for work around 7am and headed off to Marianna, about an hour from the house. My trickle was still there 4 hours later so I called my doc. Stupid me! Yes, my water had broke. Called Brandon and we headed to the hospital. By now, it's about 1pm. I walked in, got checked out, hooked up and called the fam! They started me on pitocin around 4pm, epidural around 6pm and at 930pm I started pushing. At 10:08pm, our baby boy was here. It was the smoothest, most wonderful experience ever. God is so good!

We are ALIVE!

I have been trying to blog, I promise I have. I will try to get caught up in as few posts as possible. For now, an engagement pic by our wonderful gals over at Vue Photography.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just one thing missing!

I have to admit I did NOT decorate this nursery. I had some input on the furniture but Brandon made this very easy for me in the sense that he basically did it all. The Stripes on the wall, the painted initials, he put down the bamboo floors, he found the rug, the window panels, the closet, found and bought my recliner,...I think yall get the point. The crazy thing is everything came from different stores and he pieced it all together. So glad I married such a metro sexual guy! ;) Baby, thank you SOOO much for what you have done for us to make this as easy as it can be for me. You are the best husband in the whole world and I love you very much!!

A Sunday Ritual After Church: LUNCH!

Sweet Liam. They grow up too fast and it makes me sad! Edema and general swelling setting in. BLAH!

Liam with the twins. He loves these girls SO much and vice versa.

Wonder Works

Liam and Uncle Brandon riding the motorcycles! Brandon thought it would be really cool to lay on the bed of nails......
Then he almost started crying bc it hurt! I will have to say that the T Shirt he was wearing had a little hole in it from one of the nails! Willow! Snaggle Tothed and All!
Liam and Mommy.
Brandon and Dan on...??... Not really sure what this ride was. It went upside down so I was OUT!

Liam Turns Two!!!

Watersound Beach Club

This was the last trip of the season to the beach club. Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!

Enjoying a nice lunch a taking a break from the sun!

A very happy camper!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're having a baby!

I debated to tell the WHOLE story but some of it as some of you know, is very emotional, private and to be honest, just not share material. All i can say is we are very blessed to be able to bring a human being into this life. I pray we will be good parents and that our baby boy grows up to appreciate life and love his god!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not Ready to give up the beach just yet! :)

This place just never gets old. Thanks to Jovina's in laws again, I got to be part of a very nice day. This time, Bob's parents came down from NY along with Mary's mom and sister from Michigan. Super fun day.
This kid could live in the water.

Here's Jovina and I hogging the kiddie area again as always.
I could have stayed in the spot all day.
Ok. Cool pic. L to R: Bill and Liam. Dr.Bob ( Jovina's Father in law ) and Bob's VERY italian dad, Gene Pettignano. Liam's dad, grand dad and great grand dad.
Snack time!

Had to change positions.
There sea gulls have a nice home huh? After pool time, we walked down to the beach and the water was SO amazing today.
I have not seen it this clear in a few weeks. It looks like Nassau water.

The anit-pasta platter that Nona made. Fresh Mozzerella, Proscuitto, peppers and tomatoes.

Bill's Aunt Maria and I. It was so good to see you. Love you Maria!
Me with the Host and Hostess. AKA: Nona and Nono. Fran and Gene Pettignano. 62 yrs of marriage. :)
Thanks to the Pettignano's. I had such a great day. Brandon comes home tomorrow from his meeting in the Bahamas so tomorrow will be an even better day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My new Car!!!

Today I got my company car, a 2010 Mercury Mariner and although it is not something I would pick off the lot I LOVE IT bc it's FREE! hahaha.

One of the many perks of the new job, i know I am going to love it.
Of Course Baxter and Dugan had to give their opinion too! :) They like it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bye Bye NY

WOW! I just packed my last bag and I can not believe that I will be getting on a plane to come home tomorrow. I miss Brandon and my family so bad!!!! Baxter and Dugan too of course! :( I don't know how I got thru this but I FIRMLY believe thru my prayers and my faith I was able to do it with help from the big man upstairs and my wonderful dad who is in his presence. Tomorrow is my final Exam on Bystolic ( treats hypertension ) and my certification on presenting the drug to a doctor. So far I have made a 97 and a 100 on my other two drugs so god is definitely with me. Thank you to family and husband who has supported me thru every minute of this insane ride. Cant wait to see you all tomorrow and I love you!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Classroom and some time in the Hamptons!

Let me apologize up front f0r all these pics being out of order but there were quite a few so i just threw them up.

My home for three weeks! All we do is sleep here bc we have 18 hour days sometimes. Pretty crazy.
My photos that keep me sane each day! :)

Some of the guys in a different group but same training class as mine.
My TN Bud, Karen Fultz.Now these are the guys in my class. Starting at 5:00 in green shirt; Adam, Dom, Demetrius, Greg, Paul's head and Lucas. All great guys!Bridget and I spent Saturday in the Hamptons at this house and it was too much fun. Exactly what the doctor ordered.
The decor in the house was different in each room, i loved it.

Volleyball anyone? Check out that yard!
The grounds had the most gorgeous hydrangeas everywhere.

A view of the living room from the front door.

(4) Washers???? I'm confused.
Love all the white!!!!
Pool time!

This was one of my favorite rooms!Sauna
Wine Cellar
The Gym

Me, Bridget and Erin. Erin is in our class and was the "connection" to the house! :)

Dining out first weekend with Heather, Karen and Bridge. REAL Italian food! it was great!